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1. My country is Ukraine. 
2. It is situated in the centre of Europe. 
3. Ukraine has got a long history. 
4. Today Ukraine is an independent country. 
5. Kyiv is the capital of our country. 
6. Ukrainians live in small towns and a big cities. 
7. Ukrainian people are talanted and friendly. 
8. They have got their own language, culture, customs and traditions. 
9. Two colours on our National Flag - yellow and blue - symbolize Ukraine's golden fields of grain under blue skies.
10. Many tourists from ofhen countries visit Ukraine every year. 
11. They enjoy their visit to Ukraine and come back again.

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1. The United Kindom of Great Britan and Northern Ireland is the full  name of the Great Britan .
2. It is situated on islands to the north-west of Europe.                   
3. Great Britan consists of three pats England, Scotland and Wales.
4. The capital of the UK is London.                                                 
5. It stands Thames river.                                                                 
6.The Flag of the UK is made up of three  crosses.                         
7. It is red, white and blue.                                                               
8. The English call their flag "the Union Jack" because it unites flags of all parts of the UK. 9.The highest mountain of the UK is Ben Nevis.                           
10. It is in Scotland.                                                                         
11. British money is called pounds and their coins are pence.         
12. People of the UK keep their traditions.
Вивчити на понеділок 12.03! Одне речення = один бал! 
1 група
2 група
My name is _________ . I live in Ukraine.
In winter it is cold and snowy, in spring the weather is warm in my country.
Summer is the hottest season.
Autumn is rainy, windy and cool season, but it is very beautiful.
In summer I wear T-shirts, shorts, caps , sandals and swimsuit.
When the weather is cold I wear a sweater, trousers, jeans, a jacket, a hat and boots.
At school I usually wear a white shirt, trousers and shoes(a white blouse, a skirt, tights and shoes).
I never wear a skirt ( dirty clothes).
My father usually wears a tracksuit and trainers at work.
He doesn’t wear  a suit at home.
My mum likes to wear trendy clothes.
She doesn’t like to wear jeans at home.


My name’s _________ . I live in Ukraine. 
We celebrate many holidays in our country. 
I should say I like all of them.
Celebrating is my joy.
My favourite holiday is the New Year. 
We decorate Christmas tree with toys and lights. 
My family decorates our home too. 
People in Ukraine buy or make presents to their friends and relatives. 
My mum cooks tasty things. 
I love greeting guests at my home. 
My family usually spend time together, sing songs, dance and have fun on this day.
I like the New Year because I get many presents, meet with my friends and have fun.
Healthy food.
1)    Healthy food is important for every person.
2)    Lemons, oranges, apples, pears are rich in vitamins.
3)    There are vitamins in fruit, vegetables, brown bread and in other food as well.
4)    Vitamins are important for our eyes, skin and health.
5)    We can find minerals in milk, cheese, eggs and in vegetables.
6)    Minerals are important for our teeth and bones.
7)    Breakfast is the most important meal.
8)    English breakfast is big: cereal with milk, bacon and eggs, toast, butter, jam and a tea with milk.
9)    In Ukraine people usually eat some cereal, sandwich and drink tea or coffee.
10)  Don’t skip your breakfast.
11) Remember, you must drink five glasses of water every day.

1)       My name is ……………..  I’m in the fifth form.
2)       I’m interested in playing computer games.
3)       It is one of the most popular hobbies nowadays.
4)       Some of my friends have the same hobby and we like to play together.
5)       Many pupils of my class have different hobbies.
6)       Some girls are fond of dancing and drawing or painting.
7)       Some boys can play the violin, the piano and the guitar.
8)       Many pupils are crazy about sport.
9)       The most famous games are basketball, football, box, judo, karate and chess.
10)   Almost everyone collects something: stamps, coins, books, games, toys.
11)   My classmates are good at Math, English, History, P.E. and Craft.

12)  Their hobbies help them study well too.